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‘Elise is a doula super star! There aren't enough words I could say to express how thankful I am that she was a part of our birth team. From the moment she came to our home while in labor, her gracious spirit and gestures guided me through. After a few hours of beautiful labor, our son arrived and Elise made me feel like a superwoman!’

“When we met Hannah we knew she would fit in perfectly with the laid back, calming environment we hoped to have for our baby's birth. Near the end of my labor, I believe my baby was still not fully engaged. With Hannah's magical doula maneuvers, I could feel her drop down.”

“Hiring Elise as my doula was the single best birthing decision I made. As a first time mom, knowledge was power, and Elise made me feel empowered and prepared for my natural birth. “

"Hannah was amazing!I knew I wanted a natural birth experience but I had no idea how I was going to do it. Hannah helped me every step of the way. She was right there with me when others may have been squeamish. Trust me when I tell you I could not have given birth to my beautiful baby girl without her.”